Intelligent Information Security

Deep technical expertise with broad governance & standards-based services.

The mission is to provide solutions, processes, technology and personnel for information security to ensure a reliable, robust and consistent business environment.

Upgrade your security defences

Governance, Compliance & Assurance Services

Our services provide you with a detailed analysis of your company’s profile with the gaps identified and changes outlined to implement and promote the business objectives while managing the business operations risk-free.

  • ISO27001, ISMS,ITU, NIST & Roadmap
  • IPCI-DSS & Roadmap
  • IT Risk Assessment & Roadmap
  • GDPR and data breach Assessment & DRM audit
  • Cyber Risk Assessment
  • IOT Security Assessment
  • Cloud Security Assessment
  • Managed GRC
  • Archer Professional Services
  • BCP/DR Consulting
  • Security Awareness Program
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Cyber & Infrastructure Security Services (CISS)

From small local businesses to large global enterprises, we work with hundreds of thousands of customers around the world to solve their security challenges, enhance resources and support, and drive their business forward.

  • SOC (On-Premise Services)
  • Managed SOC Services (CRPP)
  • Cyber/Risk Analytics
  • Device Config Review
  • End Point Threat Detection
  • Threat Intelligence and Advisory Services
  • Cloud Security
  • IOT Security
  • Network Risk Management
  • Next Gen Network Security
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Advanced Threat Management (ATM) Services

We carry out an investigation by creating an attack profile to test the network, apps and systems. In your company’s best interest, a detailed report will be presented to enhance your business credibility and gaining customer confidence.

  • Application Security Services
  • Security Code Review
  • Mobile Security Testing
  • Device Config Review
  • Network Security Architecture Assessment
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Cloud Security Assessment
  • Penetration Testing
  • IOT Security Testing
  • Device Configuration Review
  • DevOps Security Framework
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Identity & Access Management (IAM) Services

Are you ready to take your security to the next level? We secure your infrastructure by monitoring and managing your network, systems and data 24x7x365. We at Suraksha help our customers to secure their operations from end to end.

  • IDAM Consulting
  • IDAM Implementation
  • IDAM Ops Support
  • Privilege Access-Implementation & Support
  • Identity of Things (IOT)
  • Cloud Access Security (CASB)
  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Identity Vigil (IDaaS) platform
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Let's secure your defence lines!

Information security can only be successful if it is seen as an integral part of the day-to-day work responsibilities, and it is therefore necessary that everybody in the organization understands the importance of information security, employees as well as top management. The long- term success of an information security program can only be effective if there is awareness and support throughout the organization.

Our Arena

Anywhere in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Middle East

Our Clients

Small to Medium Businesses, Large Corporations & Governments

Supported Products & Partners

Suraksha Total Security Solutions

We tend to find what others don't; We stay when others tend to leave.

We will add value to customers by providing a safe environment for businesses to operate without the worry of being robbed, hacked, harassed, blackmailed, attacked and destroyed by malicious elements in the market.

Secure my business

Highly Driven Experienced Team With Advanced Technology: SURAKSHA is formed by a group of highly driven experienced people keen to establish a “One-stop shop” to provide information security solutions and services to cater to Government, commercial and domestic markets. The management team has over 50+ years’ experience in the domain and have a well-established market presence with deep networks. The core team is committed to success driven by a passion to deliver value to the market.

Deep Technical Expertise: Deep technical expertise with broad governance and standards-based services, Suraksha offers necessary and immediate services to assist organisations to manage the complexity of the global cyber threat landscape and risk exposures.

Reliable & Professional Services: A key focus is on delivering security services, including audits, early fraud detection, penetration testing, vulnerability management, managed security services and awareness and training as a preventive step to assisting organisations and their staff with continuous updates to the security posture. A 360-degree view will be provided from edge device to endpoint, protecting both mission-critical and business-critical infrastructure.

Suraksha have invested heavily in setting up the Centre of Excellence (COE) in Australia, which caters to all the technology needs required to deliver or our customers globally. COE teams are responsible for constant evaluation and R&D on new technologies and trends in the market to come up with industry leading best practices

COE teams are in turn responsible to train and educate field implementation and operations team and support them with escalation management on various technologies.

  • Information Security Policy and Risk Management Audit
  • Information Security Organisation Audit
  • Information Security Documentation Audit
  • Information Security Monitoring Audit
  • Cyber Security Incidents Monitoring Audit
  • Physical and Environmental Security Audits
  • Personal Security for Information Systems Audit
  • Product and Media Security Audit
  • Software, Network & Cryptographic Security Audit
  • Access control & Working off-site Security Audit
  • GRC suit
  • Risk management software
  • Information Security training packages {{CBT}}
  • Hardware based security solutions from the security appliance partners
  • Security Incidents and Event Monitoring Solutions
  • Portal and dashboards for centralised security reports and events

Suraksha Active Threat Analytics provides 24-hour continuous-monitoring and advanced-analytics capabilities combined with industry-leading threat intelligence and expert investigators to rapidly detect advanced threats.

There are three tiers of Active Threat Analytics: Essential, Enhanced, and Premier. These offerings are tailored to meet your business needs, so you can manage threats more quickly and with greater speed, accuracy, and focus.

  • Premier: helped transition a hospital to a new managed security service, another hospital with branding itself as a leader in healthcare security, and protected a top-ranked university hospital and a global bank.
  • Enhanced: provided a superior solution to a healthcare company that considered building its own security operations.
  • Essential: advanced the security infrastructure of a healthcare company whose staff was burdened by the company’s growth and increased security responsibilities.

Suraksha; Protecting your business with next-generation Security solutions. Expert enterprise security services to help architect, implement, and mature your security solution to give you the best protection for your enterprise. Suraksha provides end to end security solutions addressing:

+ Data Security
+ End Point Security
+ Network Security
+ Perimeter security

Suraksha’s operational security health check and remediation services ensure a safe OT environment to ensure a high level of availability for mission-critical IT-OT infrastructure:

+ Vulnerability Management
+ Unknown and Shadow Assets
+ Unparalleled Security Framework
+ Continuous Monitoring
+ Threat Hunting
+ Exposure Response
+ Security Assurance
+ Extensive Reporting

Our customers know they face a wide range of cyber threats, many of which could materially impact their operations and brand. We know they're looking for trusted partners with the right expertise to stand with them and help them secure their operations from end to end.

+ Internet Connectivity Services
+ Application Consumption Services
+ Application Publishing Services
+ Third Party Connection Services
+ Remote Access Services
+ Device Security Services
+ Authentication Services
+ Cloud Access Security Broker
+ Secure Email Services

We carry out an investigation by creating an attack profile to test the network, apps and systems. In your company’s best interest, a detailed report will be presented to enhance your business credibility and gaining customer confidence.

+ Communication Security testing
+ Automated Scanning using tools
+ Data Validation penetration test
+ Denial of Service penetration test
+ Buffer Overflow & Brute Force attacks
+ Web & Mobile Apps Penetration Testing
+ Cross Site Scripting penetration test
+ Physical & Wireless Security testings

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Our services are used by many major names in the Banking and Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Retail, Cloud Service Providers as well as Resources, Utilities and Telecommunications. From small local businesses to large global enterprises, we're always ready to protect.

SURAKSHA is formed by a group of highly driven experienced people keen to establish a “One stop shop” to provide information security solutions and services to cater to small to medium businesses, large corporations & governments, commercial and domestic markets across ANZ, APAC, Middle East and Europe.

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